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Soap—it helps clean up your act, it keeps you healthy, it delights your nose, it bubbles, it washes your mouth out when you are bad and it washes your cares away when you’ve been good!

Soapmaking is one of the oldest crafts known to man (and woman) and it always improves the standard of living when it’s readily available. That’s why we’ve fallen in love with soapmaking and love creating luscious soap.

Harmony Soapworks - Lavender & Spice Soap

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Harmony Soapworks - Peppermint Party Soap


Want some of our soap to sell in your shop?  Give us a call, we can arrange that.

Harmony Soapworks - Merlot & Lavender Soap


Yep – you can buy our soaps here or in one of the shops that carry our soaps.

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Private Label

For your business, hotel or special event, we can create a special label just for you. We can also produce a custom soap formula for you. Just let us know what you need!

Something Special For You !


Soap and Tray Sets


If you keep your soap bar dry it lasts longer. Our friend, Karen Brownlee, a very talented potter, has
made some fun soap trays.

A bar of soap and a matching soap tray regularly $18, now on sale for just $15.00.

· Seashore Lupine set–A bar of our Seashore Lupine soap with a gorgeous matching soap tray
made by Karen Brownlee.

· Calendula Cream Set–A bar of our Calendula Cream soap (a goat milk soap) with a beautiful tan
and tourquoise soap tray made by Karen Brownlee.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Set Name

Seashore Lupine Set, Calendula Cream Set

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