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Things almost done - need review by Diane

  • Review and approve colors - DONE
  • Shop - Images, Descriptions, Ingredients, Prices - review all.
  • Privacy Policy - review and approve - DONE
  • Terms and Conditions - review and approve - DONE
  • Shipping rates - review and approve - TESTING DONE
  • Design - Main Menu - Colors are OK. Placement is OK. Logo is OK.

Homework for Diana

  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

What needs to be complete before we go live? Ron's Jobs

Finish the ‘shop’
… Review format for products; image, desc, ingreds, price

Review the ‘cart’
… Does it work?
… Actual purchase – does it work?
… Paypal integration

Review WooCommerce Email Templates (14)

Design the Wholoesale page – Form

Design Private Label page – Form

Design “About Us” page
… Contact – Form
… Delivery Info
… Shipping Info

Design the Footer
… Menu, Category Menu, Cart, Info
… Newsletter Signup

Design the copyright footer

Design the BLOG

Split out the soap categories menu

Write “how-to” manual

Design the home landing page

Test functionality on tablets, smart phones

Test Footer

Close Menu