Can't find what you are looking for? Create your own custom soap formula here! Each batch of 14 bars will cost $70.

Create Your Own!
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Next, you pick other items to add. Choose up to 2 items from each category and we’ll create the soap for you. In about 2 weeks the soap will be ready to send to you. Each tubular mold makes approximately 13 bars if cut 1.25” thick or about 15 if cut 1” thick. The bars will be shrink wrapped and labeled with your name or a quote or special picture. The formula will be yours so that you can have it made again. Let us know if you want 1” bars or 1.25” bars.

The additives:

  • Colorants may mask the color of the herbs and grains
  • The butters offer more moisture than the oils, though both are very good for your skin
  • Grapeseed flour makes a rich, burgundy color and is a gentle exfoliant
  • Ground lavender buds are brownish in the soap
  • Vanilla FO will turn the soap dark
  • If you do not see the fragrance you want, let us know. We may have your favorite in stock

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